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English Language Learners

Four ELL teachers at Nokomis strive to promote strong foundations for academic achievement and English Language proficiency for all English Language Learners (ELLs).  

We utilize an inclusion model, in which ELL teachers work with individuals or groups within the classroom during Literacy time on reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  In addition, ELL teachers meet and collaborate frequently with classroom teachers to ensure that ELL instruction is always tied to current content.

To evaluate progress, English Language Learners paticipate in the ACCESS for ELLs each winter.  Learners can score on a continuum of 1 (beginning to learn English) to 6 (native-like language proficiency).  ELL levels of 1-3 receive the greatest amount of support.  

The Nokomis ELL team is also noted for supporting the annual Hmong New Year celebration in November.  Students, parents, staff and community come together to celebrate this colorful Hmong tradition that includes delicious food, unique activites and beautiful music and dance.

To promote strong Hmong culture and to encourage bilingualism, Hmong CLAnD (culture, language, art, and dance) classes are offered after school on Tuesdays in the Fall and spring.

To contact your student's ELL teacher, please see individual teacher pages

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