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E2 Team

E2 Team

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Elementary 2 (E2) Classrooms

Each E2 classroom is comprised of 4th and 5th grade students. Students stay with the same teacher for both (two) years.

E2 students make the transition from working with concrete manipulatives in both the CH and E1 classrooms to more abstract concepts and assignments. Students still use as many Montessori materials as they did in CH and E1, but they use them at a higher level preparing them for abstract learning. Assignments are generally more long term. Students develop their time management skills to prioritize their learning.

Students in the Montessori E2 classroom put energy and effort into developing solid work habits. Handling an E2 workload requires organization, planning, and self-direction. Students use a planner and document all assignments and due dates. This helps with the planning and completion of assignments. It is also an indirect preparation for middle school, where students are required to document assignments from a variety of teachers and classes.

The E2 team does a lot of enriching learning activities. These include a week-long Artists in Residence program every other year and numerous local field trips. We also hold an annual Fun Fair to raise money for these acitivities. This is a fun service learning activity for all E2 students.