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Elementary 1

E1 Team

One look at the Elementary 1 Classroom will tell the observer this is not a traditional setting. It is a learning environment. Sections of each room are lined with shelf upon shelf of beautiful Montessori materials housed in color-coded baskets and natural wood boxes. The work is inviting to the student and necessary for the development of skills, beginning with hands on learning.

Math materials include golden beads representing units, tens, hundreds and thousands, colored bead bars and chains, colored tiles called stamps, and bead frames to teach progressive abstract concepts in math operations. Fractions and geometry are major components of the math curriculum. There are also attractive, individualized materials to teach problem solving, time, money counting, and measurement. The number of materials makes it possible for the three grade levels to do math at the same time, if necessary, sharing the materials, and each working at his or her own pace.

Geography materials are stored in another part of the room. Large puzzle maps teach the continents of the world. Nomenclature cards teach vocabulary and concepts such as landforms, clouds and flags. Booklets and matching exercises of zoology and botany teach vocabulary to a child without the monotony of worksheets. History is taught as the students receive the information on a different level each time it is presented.