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Children's House

Children's House Team

This space contains the Multimedia Rotator for which mapping does not exist

The Children's House classroom has Pre-K and kindergarten children. There are six areas in the classroom:

  1. Practical Life
  2. Sensorial 
  3. Mathematics
  4. Language Arts
  5. Geography
  6. Art

Each area has carefully prepared materials.  The materials are designed for the children to explore and feel. The teacher guides the children to choose a material or work that is appropriate for them. The teacher gives presentations to an individual child, lessons to small groups and to the whole class. Montessori Education aims to instill a love of learning within each child. The process of learning is more important than the product. We nurture independence, concentration, order, and coordination. We observe children develop when they use their senses. Maria Montessori once said,

"The hand is the instrument of the mind."